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Repairs / Rivets / Rentals

Tuning: Drums go out of tune; We're here to help! As drummers, it's of the utmost importance that we sound as good as possible every time we perform. It will always enhance your playing experience to play on good sounding drums. If you bought your drums here, let us take a look and get them back to peak performance! 

Repairs: If your drums are in need of a quick fix, just bring them by the shop. We don't charge anything for minor repairs. It's one of the ways we serve the local drumming community. If you have a big project, we will put together a quote. We promise to work quickly, efficiently, and within your budget!

Rivets: If you want to add a little sizzle to your playing, let us add some rivets to your cymbal. We carry both nickel and brass rivets in house. We only charge $10 per cymbal and can usually get it done on the spot. Come by anytime!

Rentals: The Yamaha Recording Custom has been the standard in backline/rental drums since its inception. We stock the following sizes: 22x16 bass drum, 20x16 bass drum, 8x7.5 rack tom, 10x7.5 rack tom, 12x8 rack tom, and 14x12 hanging floor tom. We have many Yamaha snare drums to choose from in brass, copper, steel, aluminum, maple, and birch. We also have the 75th Anniversary Premier Genista in White Marine Pearl available for rent. The sizes are 20x16, 10x8, 12x9, and 15x13. Please give us a call to get a quote and lock in the dates!